Handbags Made in Los Angeles to Carry Your Mobile Office

For many of us, working from home is still the norm. However, when WFH becomes monotonous, you may find yourself going to a coffee shop or a nearby park to continue working. Experts recommend it to prevent burnout. So, if you find yourself living a monotonous work-from-home life, try going out. Make sure to use one of your handbags made in Los Angeles to carry your mobile office. 

handbags made in Los Angeles

Polished Handbags Made in Los Angeles 

No matter what the size of your handbag is, as long as it can carry your basic work essentials, you have nothing to worry about. The Randolph Handbag Purse of Misch is a must-have item. It features a beautifully crafted interior pocket and leather handles. It’s durable and can handle your work essentials. But what work essentials you can carry in your bag? Here are some of the must-have items. 

Hand Sanitizer 

We’ll never know when this pandemic will be over. But even if it will be over, experts still recommend washing your hands or using a hand sanitizer before you touch anything. It’s smart to carry hand sanitizer to reduce your risk of catching COVID-19 or spreading your disease. This is ideal if you don’t have access to soap and water. 

Portable Charger 

If you’re fond of going to a coffee shop to work, it’s not always possible to find a table with a power outlet nearby. Hence, it’s vital to have a portable charger in your handbag in case your battery dies. Don’t risk your phone or laptop going dark when you need it most. 

Business Cards 

You don’t need to hand a fellow coffee drinker your business card while in a coffee shop or train. But you don’t know whom you might meet on your commute. You might even meet your future mentor or boss at the nearest coffee shop. Thus, having a stack of professional business cards in your handbag is a no-brainer. 


If you go to a coffee shop or another place, you can’t expect to find a one-person bathroom. Typically, it’s a multi-person bathroom. Pottymints are little tablets. You drop them in the toilet to eliminate the odor as a result of going to the bathroom. Keep in mind that coffee can sometimes make you poop. If you can’t make it to your apartment or house, you can just relieve yourself in a multi-person bathroom of the coffee shop and make sure to drop a Pottymint to get rid of the stink. 

Leather Handbags an Investment 

Whatever work essentials you want to carry in your handbags, you must invest in a bag that can last longer. Leather bags are known to be durable, even though they are expensive. They are an investment as it offers more value for your money. 

Shop for Leather Bags to Carry Your Work Essentials 

If you’re still on the lookout for a durable handbag, make sure to browse our handbags made in Los Angeles. All leather bags at Misch are made in LA with luxury and authenticity in mind.
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