3 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Leather Backpack

Leather backpacks are becoming more and more popular as a casual accessory these days. And because of that higher demand, suppliers have come out to create many different variations. In some cases, you’ll likely be buying an inauthentic backpack, and you won’t even know it until someone points it out to you. 

Fake leather backpacks are just one of the many things new buyers aren’t keen on spotting. And in this article, we’ll give you other pointers to consider before buying yourself one. 


Whether it’s for the shoes or jackets you wear, you’re better off buying full grain leather. It’s the best quality of leather you’ll find in the market, and you can count on it lasting for years. 

The same criteria applies to leather backpacks. And you’ll know you have full grain leather if you spot a noticeable sheen on the surface. This is called patina, and it’s a good sign that your leather will age well as time passes. 

What you should look out for and avoid are bags that are made from bonded leather. What sets it apart from full grain leather is that, for one, it doesn’t have that distinct pleasant leather smell. And as it ages, you’ll notice a visible deterioration in its physical quality. 

So remember, before buying leather backpacks, try to look for that sheen. Or better yet, ask the manufacturer if it is, indeed, made from full grain leather. 

Leather backpack


Many of you reading this are probably thinking, ‘How would I know if I’m getting the durability I need from a leather backpack?’ One aspect to look at is stitching quality. You don’t need to be an expert to spot this because sloppy work can be recognized by anyone. Also, if the threads are loose, better not get it. But, if the stitching was neatly and nicely done, you’re likely getting your money’s worth. 

Another way to spot a durable bag is through its handles. If it’s sturdily attached to the body with either reinforced stitching or metal, you’re all good. Glued handles, on the other hand, are a big no-no. 

Tanning Process

This is an important factor that most ordinary consumers likely won’t notice. See, leather bags go through tanning processes, which are done in two ways: chrome tanning and vegetable tanning. 

Chrome tanning uses harsh chemicals like chromium. They are cheaper but they won’t last as long. Vegetable-tanned bags, on the other hand, are used with natural materials like tree bark. But they are very durable and they will have a more authentic feel. 

So how would you know if you’re getting a chrome tanned or vegetable tanned bag? The latter is usually stiffer and thicker. Just by touching and looking at it, you will see that it is, indeed, of better quality. 


This is more of a question for yourself than anything else. What are you using the bag for? Will you use it to carry books or a laptop? Or is it just an extra bag for you to bring along every day? 

If you’re about the utility of the bag, you’d want one that is bigger, has more pockets for storage, and is more durable. 

Good Quality Leather Backpacks For Your Every Need

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