What Can You Fit in a Leather Coin Bag?

leather coin bag


Is it just for coins or you can fit other things in it? When you visit Misch LA’s online shop, you will familiarize yourself with the leather coin bag available in different colors. It’s a consistent favorite among customers. The reason for this is that it’s built for the essentials. That is, it’s just perfectly sized for a night out or a shop dash. Because of its size, it won’t take a lot of space in your tiny bag. 

What the Leather Coin Bag Can Carry? 

It’s not just for coins, though. The oldest coin purse was found with Otzi the Iceman. He lived around 3,300 BC. But the coin purse today is no longer the same as the oldest coin purse. It is now available in different sizes and colors. The Malcolm small coin pouch, for instance, is measured at 14.6cm x 3.8cm x 3.9. Thus, it’s not too small or big. You can insert your credit card and more, in addition to coins. Because of its size, it can easily sit in the palm of your hand. You can tuck it in your back pocket or clubbing clutch. 

Holding Up 

The coin bag at Mish LA can hold a lot. You can insert cards, a note, and a coin for a tip if you’re going to have a night out with your friends. Misch LA likes to keep things simple. Thus, you won’t find any fussy zips inside. If you don’t like using it for inserting coins, you can use it to hold your credit cards or makeup. 

leather coin bag

What Else Can It Hold? 

You can fit anything in it. Will it fit your earphones? Yes, it will. It can also carry your keys, along with some coins. And yes, a fun-sized Mars, too. Although it is designed for holding coins, first and foremost, you can get creative on how to use it. When you’re networking, you can fit in your business cards and your face mask. 

Why Use Coin Bag?

One of the main benefits of using this bag is that it protects your clothing from metals. Keep in mind that if you keep the coins in your pants, they can rub against the cotton linings. Although the coins won’t damage your pants pocket immediately, over time, they can lead to tears and holes. Furthermore, coin purses keep your loose currency separate from the rest of the contents of the pocket. This is vital when traveling to other countries. Some countries use several metal coins as their standard currencies. This bag can take the place of a heavier, bulkier purse when you go for short errands or informal events. If you don't want to carry it, you can put it in your large backpack or duffle bag. 

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