Tips to Maintain Your Luxury Backpacks

Leather Backpacks

You just purchase one of the luxury leather backpacks from Misch. Treat them as an investment. Just like any investment, you need to maintain the bag’s beauty. Our care for you doesn’t end after you purchase one of our bags. We want you to be aware of how to keep your bag’s beauty for a long period. 

Maintaining Luxury Leather Backpacks 

There are several maintenance tips that you can find online to extend and preserve the beauty of your leather bags. But here are some of the ways that are easy to follow: 

Don’t Overstuff Your Bag 

Leather bags are durable. They can last for a long period. But they require proper care. And one of the care tips you must heed is to stop overstuffing your leather bag. It can cause irreparable damage to the bag. It stretches the leather grain. When it stretches the pasting will open. This kind of damage isn’t covered by your warranty. Instead of overstuffing your leather bag, opt to use another bag. Plan out what you want to carry so you won’t be putting nonessentials in it. 

Avoid Storing the Bag in a Plastic Container 

Plastic and leather aren’t a good combination. Plastic bags don’t allow the leather to breathe. Without proper ventilation, mildew will develop. Instead of storing it in a plastic bag, use the storage bag that comes with it. If you haven’t used your leather bag for so long and you store it in a plastic cover, take it out now. Instead, use other storage bags that are not plastic. 

Don’t Expose It To Sunlight

Leather can wrinkle if you expose it to too much sunlight. If you soak it and it needs to dry, you should just air dry it. Even though it takes longer to dry in this method, it’s better than exposing it to sunlight. You may also use a dry cloth and rub it down gently. Another thing to remember is to avoid drying it with a hairdryer. The heat from this beauty product can only damage the leather. 

Leather Backpacks

Clean the Leather Regularly 

Leather absorbed dirt and dust. But these elements can cause the leather to wear and tear. Prevent it from happening by cleaning the leather bag regularly using a damp cloth. Don’t soak the leather wet. Then, when it’s time to dry it, make sure to just air dry it but don’t expose it to sunlight. You may also use a leather conditioner to ease out the dirt that has set in. Furthermore, it’s a no-no to use detergents in cleaning your leather. Instead, you should only use products designed to clean leathers.

Shopping for More Leather Bags 

Now that you know the proper ways to maintain your luxury leather backpacks, you don’t have to worry about buying more leather bags. Visit our online shop today to browse our collection.
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