The Three Principles That Make Misch Los Angeles Leather Bags the Best

A leather bag isn’t just any accessory. It’s not just any bag, since it is often more sophisticated than others, while also being stylish and not exclusively practical. At the same time, it can’t just be a fashion accessory, since it has to be functional at the time of carrying your belongings around. In order to create leather bags that can suit your style and practical needs, we have made them with three important principles in mind: craftsmanship, durability, and heritage.


The guiding principle behind every bag we make here at Misch Los Angeles is craftsmanship. Bags are very functional accessories, at least as long as they work. Keeping this in mind, we’ve designed every bag with both style and ease of use in mind. Made of responsibly sourced leather, silk, and hardware, our collection of bags serve more than practical purposes: they are fashion accessories. It will only take a look at one of our pieces for you to know that they are made with the utmost care and craftsmanship, hence it being one of the core values of our bag making. The best leather and the best design principles are constantly implemented across our catalog.


A leather bag is an investment, everyone knows that. You’re paying more than you would for cheap imitation bags, but you’re doing it for a reason. Well-made leather bags are durable and reliable because of the materials used and the way they’re implemented. It’s not only important for the backpack to look good; they also need to be durable and resistant. A backpack that consistently looks great until one day the bottom gives out, spilling all your belongings on the floor, won’t be of much use. Our artisan leather bags are made with the most durable materials, ensuring that your backpack looks its best and fulfills its purpose throughout an extensive lifespan.


We at Misch Los Angeles are part of a longstanding tradition of artisan leather bag manufacturing. Each piece is made with years of experience at hand, and the best use of responsibly sourced leather. This also applies to the design of the bags itself. We understand what you expect from each bag, as well as the needs they need to fulfill and how to best cater to them. This is why heritage is one of our three principles here at Misch Los Angeles. By enjoying one of our bags, you are not only enjoying a quality product that meets your everyday needs. You are also taking part in a fine tradition of leather work.

Misch Los Angeles Leather Bags

At Misch Los Angeles, we want you to be able to pick any item in our catalog knowing that you will be enjoying a reliable, durable, and stylish leather bag going forward. Whether you’re looking for a pouch, a small bag, or a backpack, you will find something that meets your needs while also looking its best. That is all we want to provide for you, so go ahead and browse everything we have to offer so that you can find that bag you’ve been looking for all along.

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