Will Alcohol Destroy Leather Duffle Bag?

leather duffle bag
Here at Misch, we aim to educate our visitors and customers on everything about leather. In this post, let’s answer one of the popular questions a...

4 Good Reasons to Get a Leather Duffle Bag

Leather duffle bag
You’re probably thinking about buying yourself a leather duffle bag, but you continue to have this internal debate with yourself. This article should help provide you some clarity.

4 Tips on Choosing the Right Leather Duffle Bag For Travel

Leather duffle bag
So you’ve decided to go on a trip, and you’re planning to buy a brand new leather duffle bag. Basically, you want a bag that has ample enough storage space and would be functional and durable enough for at least the next five years.

Does Leather Duffle Bag Grow Mold?

Duffle Bag
A leather duffle bag is a costly product. Because of its high cost, you don’t want to see mold developing on it. You also don’t want to smell a musty odor on this type of bag. It can be frustrating to find your leather bag suffering from a mold problem. But why does it happen? Let’s find out here.
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