What Can You Fit in a Leather Coin Bag?

leather coin bag
  Is it just for coins or you can fit other things in it? When you visit Misch LA’s online shop, you will familiarize yourself with the leather co...

Finding the Ultimate Leather Backpacks for Your Everyday Use

 leather backpacks
  Leather backpacks are perfect for everyday use. They are durable enough to handle anything that you put inside. However, the durability of the b...

4 Good Reasons to Get a Leather Duffle Bag

Leather duffle bag
You’re probably thinking about buying yourself a leather duffle bag, but you continue to have this internal debate with yourself. This article should help provide you some clarity.

Handbags Made in Los Angeles to Carry Your Mobile Office

handbags made in Los Angeles
Use these durable handbags made in Los Angeles to carry your work essentials. What work essentials to carry? Where to buy durable leather bags?

Reasons Everyone Loves Using Leather Backpacks

leather backpacks
Admit it. You, too, want to own one of the leather backpacks that you see on Misch. Here are some reasons people are loving them.

4 Tips on Choosing the Right Leather Duffle Bag For Travel

Leather duffle bag
So you’ve decided to go on a trip, and you’re planning to buy a brand new leather duffle bag. Basically, you want a bag that has ample enough storage space and would be functional and durable enough for at least the next five years.

5 Helpful Tips for Cleaning a Leather Backpack

Leather backpacks
Leather backpacks, especially ones that are top-quality, aren’t cheap. That means that the care and cleaning methods shouldn’t be cheaply done, either. Proper maintenance not only wards off stains, but it can also prevent potential damages caused by environmental conditions.

Leather Toiletry Bag for a Travel Freak Like You

leather toiletry bag
Are you a travel freak? Wondering why it’s important to have a reliable leather toiletry bag? Find out more or shop our leather bags here.

Is Your Leather Bag Real or Fake? How to Tell?

Is Your Leather Bag Real or Fake? How to Tell?
Like many people, you might have trouble telling real leather bags from faux, which often look genuine to your eye. Since leather is expensive, don’t expect that a real leather bag will cost just under $10. Unfortunately, faux leather bag manufacturers take this fact to their advantage by overpricing them. Of course, some people who can’t identify the fake or real leather bag would consider the price as a factor. As a result, they won't hesitate to buy overpriced faux leather bags because they thought they were real. So, how can you tell real leather from fake?

Here’s What Makes Our Responsibly Sourced Leather Bags the Best Choice

Here’s What Makes Our Responsibly Sourced Leather Bags the Best Choice
There is something undeniably beautiful about a good leather bag. These are, after all, stylish and useful accessories that can become a big part of our daily wardrobe. However, as good as leather looks, many people are uneasy about the idea of using it given its environmental impact. That is why here at Misch Los Angeles we make sure that all our leather bags are responsibly sourced.

The Secret to Durable Leather Bags

The Secret to Durable Leather Bags
Leather bags, or at least good ones, can be a bit of an investment. This is because leather is both a beautiful and functional material, so this investment is worth it. However, you probably want to make sure that it really is so by finding durable leather bags that you’ll be able to use for a long time. With this in mind, here’s what makes leather such a durable material, as well as tips on how to properly take care of your bag once you’ve got one.

The Three Principles That Make Misch Los Angeles Leather Bags the Best

The Three Principles That Make Misch Los Angeles Leather Bags the Best
At Misch Los Angeles, we want you to be able to pick any item in our catalog knowing that you will be enjoying a reliable, durable, and stylish leather bag going forward. Whether you’re looking for a pouch, a small bag, or a backpack, you will find something that meets your needs while also looking its best.
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