Should You Get a Nylon Backpack or a Leather Bag?

When shopping for a new backpack, you might feel overwhelmed because of the options available. One choice you might want to consider is a nylon backpack

It’s cheaper than a leather bag, indeed. But will it last longer than a leather bag? 

What to Consider When Shopping for a Nylon Backpack

Compared to leather bags, nylon bags are a lot cheaper. Nylon material is lightweight and flexible. 

However, nylon bags aren’t as durable as leather. Furthermore, they won’t last longer than leather bags. 

Nylon isn’t your traditional fabric used in bags. It can easily replace polyester. It’s softer than polyester and leather. But the softness allows it to provide a shinier appearance than polyester. 

When you shop for a nylon backpack, you should look for a comfortable bag. It should be your priority over style. It must not put additional strain on your back and shoulders. 

A good nylon backpack will make you feel that you’re not carrying anything in the bag. 

It’s also necessary that you look at the shoulder straps of the backpack. They must be adjustable and padded so the shoulder straps can sit comfortably on your shoulders. The padding can reduce pressure and alleviate strain on your back. 

But Should You Get a Leather Backpack or the One Made with Nylon? 

It depends on your preference. But you must keep in mind the strength, care, style, and price of the bag. 

Leather is more durable than nylon. It’s a natural material celebrated for its durability and strength. It’s also known for its timeless style. 

With proper care, it can last a lifetime, unlike nylon. And over time, the bag will look better. Simply put, leather bags age beautifully as they form a patina on the surface. 

The leather backpack is also low maintenance. You don’t need to wash it. If dirt and dust build-up, you just need to wipe down the surface with a clean damp cloth. 

You may buy a leather conditioner that can add moisture to the material. It can prevent drying out and stop the material from cracking. 

Leather Bags are an Investment 

Indeed, leather bags are more expensive than nylon. In fact, they are way costlier than other materials. 

For that reason, when you choose a leather backpack, you consider it as an investment. It offers more value for your money because it can last longer than nylon bags. 

Nylon bags can last less than two years, depending on how you use them. They also require repairing after a few months. 

Mission at Misch Los Angeles 

We understand that leather backpacks are expensive. That’s why we make it a mission here at Misch to offer our leather items cheaper than those high street equivalents, like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. 

We have managed to achieve it by cutting out the middlemen. We got rid of extra costs related to stockpiling large quantities of leather. 

With the great savings that we get, we can pass it to you so you can buy a leather bag that’s built to last a lifetime but at a more affordable price. 

If you have decided to buy a leather backpack, instead of a nylon backpack, please view our range of bags here.
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