Leather Backpack Tote a Good Investment?

Many people are torn between buying a backpack or a tote bag. Which one is better? Well, how about having 2-in-1. That is a backpack that you can convert into a tote bag. Familiar? If not, you should shop here at Misch and take a look at our leather backpack tote

Splurging on a Leather Backpack Tote

A tote bag that can be used as a backpack is an obvious answer to some of your bag issues. This type of bag can solve different problems, from packing strugglers to commuter conundrums. When you want a bag to do everything, then having a backpack that you can convert to a tote bag is an ideal option. 

leather backpack tote

A Practical Bag 

When shopping for a backpack/tote bag, it’s ideal that you buy something that you don’t want to take off. You use it no matter what the occasion is. Opt for a bag that’s cool and practical at the same time. And if you want a bag that can last long, then make sure that it’s water-resistant leather. 

Is Leather Expensive? 

Yes, it is. But it’s worth every penny considering how much money you can save from not buying bags every few months. With the unique design and special features, investing in leather, high-quality backpack tote is worth the splurge. This is a great option if you want a bag that you can use daily and that can last long. It’s a luxury bag. True. But it’s a bag that you get a lot of uses out of. 

Stop Your Electronics from Getting Wet

When it rains, pretty sure you worry about your electronics getting wet. Keep in mind that electronics fail when they get wet. It doesn't matter whether or not you use an umbrella. Droplets can trickle down and can easily hit the bag. But if you choose a leather bag, it can protect your expensive cargo. And if you pick the leather/backpack bag from Misch, it can be a dream come true if you’re obsessed with organization. If you get caught in a rain or rainstorm, trust that the items in your bag will stay safe. It remains sleek no matter what the weather is. 

Use It Every Day 

It’s true that the bags at Misch are categorized as luxury bags. As mentioned earlier, it’s a luxury with many uses. Regardless of what bag you pick from this store, you can use it every day, either for work or school. 

Buy a Bag Made in the USA 

The leather backpack tote is one of the collections of Misch. It’s created and crafted in the US. The creator makes sure that all bags here stand out among its contemporaries. The interiors of the bag are made with care. If you invest in it, you get a soft finish and durable leather. Shop our collections today and make one (or some) yours. 

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