Is Your Leather Bag Real or Fake? How to Tell?

Like many people, you might have trouble telling real leather bags from faux, which often look genuine to your eye. 

Since leather is expensive, don’t expect that a real leather bag will cost just under $10. Unfortunately, faux leather bag manufacturers take this fact to their advantage by overpricing them. 

Of course, some people who can’t identify the fake or real leather bag would consider the price as a factor. As a result, they won't hesitate to buy overpriced faux leather bags because they thought they were real. 

So, how can you tell real leather from fake? 

Leather Bags Have Imperfect Surface

In other words, authentic leather is not uniform. In that case, when spotting fake from real, you need to look for wrinkles, scars, and other minor imperfections.

When you press hard on the bag, the pattern changes but it returns when you release the pressure. That’s real leather. 

However, if you apply pressure to the surface and it doesn’t change, it’s fake leather. 

The Smell of the Bag 

Authentic leather has this earthy smell. It’s distinct. However, that earthy scent isn’t always present. The reason for this is that leather bags are treated with some chemicals. They can mask the smell of real leather. 

In that case, if the bag doesn’t smell earthy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s fake. 

The next thing you want to check is the stitching. 

Check the Stitching 

Make sure to look at the stitching on the zipper and seams of a leather bag. The real leather holes have uneven rough edges. They look like suede. But the fake leather stitching holes are uniform. 

Now, when it comes to absorption, leather bags are not fully water-proof. Real leather will absorb some liquid. But if you have a fake one, the leather will just puddle the liquid. 

Are Leather Bags Right for You? 

Leather bags can last longer. And they age gracefully. It’s one reason many prefer authentic leather from faux or PU leather. 

However, some PU leather bags will already suffice. They are still durable. 

Then again, nothing can replace the material and construction of a leather bag. With such a bag, it will be with you for the long haul. 

Since a leather bag is expensive, make sure that the one you wish to buy has enough room for your essentials or the things you want to carry with it. 

Leather bags can handle books, tablets, and wallets. If you wish to carry a laptop, though, opt for a leather bag specifically designed for it. 

Quality Leather Bags at Misch Los Angeles 

Here at Misch, we make sure that all of our leather bags can last a lifetime. They will be with you for the long haul. 

All our bags have high-quality clasps and zippers to prolong their lives. They also give our bags that classic look. 

If you are looking for leather bags that you can carry for any event while keeping your belongings securely stored, please browse our collection here.
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