Guaranteed: Your Mom Will Love Leather Fanny Pack Bag

 leather fanny pack bag

Are you still looking for a mother’s day gift for your mom? Go ahead and spoil the special woman in your life. You can treat her to dinner or you can wrap Misch’s leather fanny pack bag. It’s a practical bag that’s guaranteed to make your mom smile. 

Leather Fanny Pack Bag as Mother’s Day Gift 

Your mother deserves to be spoiled every day. However, when Mother’s Day comes around, it’s time to shower her with fun family activities and gifts she’ll surely love. It doesn’t matter what gift you shower her with. Mothers appreciate anything their children will give them. However, this year though, consider surprising her with a leather bag. Even if you think she has a huge collection of bags in her closet, a leather bag will still be a great addition. 

“Greta” Bag 

Our Greta Fanny Pack Bag comes with metal hardware and is secured with a top zipper. Its exterior is made of coated canvas leather while the interior is made of cowhide leather. She’ll surely appreciate it considering that it’s made entirely in the USA. It’s a polished pack bag that can carry her mobile phone and some essentials. It’s definitely a gift you would want your mother to receive. 

 leather fanny pack bag

Leather Backpack 

“A backpack for my mother?” Yes, why not? Even if your mother is in her 60s or 70s, a backpack is still the right bag for her. It’s not about fashion but it’s all about being practical. A backpack may also be seen on the back of youngsters. But times have changed and older adults now are carrying bags on their backs. 

Of course, you don’t want your mother to experience back pain after carrying a huge heavy bag in her back. All of Misch’s leather backpacks are lightweight. Thus, they are perfect for the backs of older adults. They won’t cause Dowager’s Hump. What’s great about having this bag is that they leave your mother’s hands-free. If she has a dog, for instance, she can easily walk him to the park or wherever. She can use one hand to hold the leash while the other hand is free.  

Small Coin Pouch 

If you think your mom isn’t open to the idea of carrying a backpack, then pretty sure she’ll love Malcolm small coin pouch. It’s not too small, though. It measures 14.6cm x 3.8 cm x 3.9. Hence, she can put her old smartphone inside or her lipstick or her sanitizer or whatever small items she wants. It’s available in three different colors so you’re guaranteed you can pick one that fits your mom’s style and preference. 

Duffle Bag 

You can also choose J Lewis duffle bag. This is perfect if your mother loves to travel. She can put her travel essentials and more. It’s durable enough to carry some of her important documents and things for her travel. 

Are you ready to surprise your mother? Buy this leather fanny pack bag now or browse our collection here. 

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