4 Tips on Choosing the Right Leather Duffle Bag For Travel

So you’ve decided to go on a trip, and you’re planning to buy a brand new leather duffle bag. Basically, you want a bag that has ample enough storage space and would be functional and durable enough for at least the next five years. These are your requirements, but are they enough? Are you missing something? 

If you feel like you are, let this article shake the cobwebs off your brain. Here are some other tips for choosing the right leather duffle travel bag. 

Leather duffle bag

Pick an Appropriate Color

When traveling, you want a bag that’s easy to spot. Once it lands on that luggage carousel, you should be able to spot it in a snap. Go with something distinct like purple or maroon. It could also be your favorite shades of hues like emerald green or royal blue. Whatever it is, make sure it strongly identifies with you. 

Also, try to stay away from colors like white and cream. These bags will get dirty during travel, and all that grime becomes more noticeable in lighter-shaded material. 

Know How You’ll Use It

How do you intend to use this bag? Will it be your go-to bag for quick weekend trips? Are you using it to store gadgets? Will it be used mostly for car rides, or are you also willing to use it for flights? 

These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself and give answers to before buying a leather duffle bag. For one, it is important to also determine your intended mode of travel because flights have more restrictions and requirements compared to road trips. What you’ll store in it is also important because of size, and that brings us to our next point.

Consider the Size

If you plan to use your bag for general travel, you’ll need to be more flexible with the size. As we earlier mentioned, flights have more obstacles to deal with and consider. Most airlines will allow up to 22 inches for carry-ons and up to 32 inches for checked bags. Be sure your bags are within these limitations. 

Consider the Pros and Cons

Yes, a duffle bag for travel will have its upsides. They work well as carry-on bags, they’re easy to carry, and are very handy, as well. But they also have their downsides, a limited storage space for one. They’re also not very protective because of its material, unlike a suitcase that has a harder shell. And the more things you pack, the bulkier the bag gets. Good luck carrying that for plane rides and for storing during road trips. 

If you really intend to have a leather duffle bag for travel, keep these pros and cons in mind. From there, you can make the necessary adjustments like using it as a supplementary bag for your suitcase or using it for carry-on gadget storage.

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