4 Good Reasons to Get a Leather Duffle Bag

Many of you might have the impression that a leather duffle bag is a bit of a luxury item. It is, after all, leather, and it is expected to be more durable, and therefore, more expensive. 

While there is some truth to it, there also are good reasons to opt for a leather duffle bag, instead. Now, you may be a bit hesitant because of whatever apprehension you have, but this article should help inform you. So here are our three reasons why you should get yourself a leather duffle bag. 

Reason #1: They are low-maintenance 

You may have the impression that leather is difficult and even expensive to maintain. You’re probably thinking that it needs special care methods for it to last you a long time. That can’t be any further from the truth. 

Leather duffle bags, for one, do not collect dust. You’ll notice that when you see the surface material, especially if it’s made from good quality leather. Any dust, dirt, or grime will either fall off easily or be gone with just one wiping of a soft cloth. 

Another good thing about leather is that you won’t have to worry about mold development. You can store it in a moist environment and it won’t grow any fungi. 

Now, of course, you’d want to store your bags properly. But if you happen to make the mistake of not doing so, you’ll be fine. 

Reason #2: They are very durable

Anyone who’s ever owned a fabric duffle bag is aware of the visible wear and tear that happens after just a few short years of use. Of course, that will depend on how you use the bag, but generally, you can expect the wheels to fall off sooner than later. 

That’s not the case with a leather duffle bag. With the proper care practices, these bags will last you for years on end. You’ll likely be able to pass it onto the next generation in your family. 

So save yourself the headache of a fabric bag dying on you just after a year or two and switch to a leather duffle bag, instead. 

Leather duffle bag

Reason #3: They are very practical

If you think the upsides of owning a leather bag are just about the material, maintenance, and durability, here’s another important benefit: practicality. For one, most of these bags will come with sturdy but padded shoulder straps for added comfort. Handles are very easy to grip, as well. 

Most of these bags are also built to carry heavier loads. Whether you’re using it for the gym or for your weekend travels, you’ll have no issue with them. 

Reason #4: They are fashionable

Fashionability may or may not be at the top of your priority list, but with a leather duffle bag, it’s a nice bonus to have. They allow you to travel in style, while also providing you with the utility and functionality that you’ll get from any duffle bag. 

You’ll see many bags in different looks and designs, and all of it will add a little sophistication to your overall style. Again, it may not be something you prioritize, but you can enjoy it, nonetheless. 

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